Author: Tang Ming Chung, Kelvin, LLB IV; HKU

Date: 11/8/10

Since vehicle testing has been improved and the penalty for smoky vehicles increased from HK$450 to HK$1,000, the number of smoky vehicles spotted has been reduced by about 80%. (1) In recent years, the number of smoky vehicle reports has been decreasing and the number of vehicle licences being cancelled for non-attendance of the test or failure to pass the test within the specified period has also decreased. (2)

The Environmental Protection Department investigates and screens reports of smoky vehicles, and asks vehicle owners to bring their vehicles for a smoke test. (2) Vehicles emitting excessive dark smoke may also be reported by trained accredited spotters. (2) If dark smoke emission complaints from the public are received, the Environmental Protection Department will check their information and issue advisory letters to the vehicle owners telling them to rectify the problem. (2)

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