A judicial review against the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge project because of air pollution?AcknowledgmentAir Pollution in Asia
Air Pollution in the Chief Executive’s policy address 2010 – 2011Air pollutant trends in Hong KongAir pollutants and the World Health Organisation
Air pollution: Hong Kong or China’s problemAir pollution and asthma in childrenAir pollution and climate change in Hong Kong (overview)
Air pollution and exerciseAir pollution and the economyAir pollution and the economy (Overview)
Air pollution and visibilityAir pollution in Hong Kong (Overview)Air pollution laws in Hong Kong (overview)
All CategoriesAlternate fuel and energy sourceAlternative air pollution management strategies (overview)
Alternative fuel for light busesAmbient air quality controlsAn article on Hong Kong air pollution and Discovery Bay for Discovery College's Year 8s!
Article 24, United Nations Convention on the Rights of a ChildCarbon monoxide (CO)Case In Point: Clean Air Foundation Ltd & Oldham v Government of HKSAR
Case In Point: Flores v Southern Peru Copper Corporation 414 F3d 233 (2003), United States Court of AppealCase In Point: Guerra v Italy (Case 116/1996/735/932), European Court of Human RightsCase In Point: Minors Oposa v. Secretary of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, The Supreme Court of the Philippines, July 1993
Case In Point: Sarei v. Rio Tinto PLC., 221 F. Supp. 2d 1116 - Dist. Court, CD California 2002Communication with the public and increase awarenessControl on marine services, logistics industry and port emissions
Control on power generationControls on garages, vehicles and driversCosts of Air Pollution in Hong Kong
Creating air pollution – combustionCross-border management on fuelsCross-border pollution
Current control measures in respect of motor vehiclesCurrent control measures on power generation emissionsCurrent control measures on volatile organic compounds
Government bodies involved with the AQOs should act promptlyGovernment monitoring of air pollution in Hong KongHealth effects of air pollutants
Hiki-air competition for student submissionsHiki-air established!Hiki-air open to submissions
Hong Kong's law students talk about air pollution regulationHong Kong Air Pollution And Discovery BayHong Kong Air Pollution Wiki
Hong Kong law (Introduction)Hong Kong’s ozone-depleting substances success storyHong Kong’s sulphur dioxide success story
Idling enginesIn the news: 71% think AQOs should follow WHO guidelinesIn the news: Air pollutants connected to emergency hospital admissions
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In the news: Breathing problems and the APIIn the news: Bus route rationing at its limitsIn the news: Chief Executive must be living in another city
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In the news: Eco-trendy or serious?In the news: Electronic road pricing instead of reclamation to ease congestionIn the news: Environmental protection in Guangdong
In the news: Exposure to smog for just 24 hours could cause premature deathIn the news: First environmental group lawsuit in ChinaIn the news: Global recession leads to fall in sulphur dioxide at container port
In the news: Government proposals on air quality to extend life by one monthIn the news: Government’s pollution proposals supported by business groupsIn the news: Green groups: get rid of old buses and trucks
In the news: Hong Kong Air Pollution Problem is killing 4 a dayIn the news: Hong Kong Carbon Exchange?In the news: Hong Kong Smog Third Worse Since 1968
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In the news: Marathon runners hospitalizedIn the news: Misplaced blameIn the news: More to be done on local PM2.5
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In the news: Reducing tax for commercial vehiclesIn the news: Roadside pollution 6 times worse in 4 yearsIn the news: South China air a problem
In the news: Stop causing unnecessary deathIn the news: Stop lying?In the news: Study links stroke and heart attack to diesel pollution
In the news: Superfund for air pollutionIn the news: Tamar pollution prediction assumes Central is flatIn the news: Tax Breaks for Green Factories
In the news: The fight on idling enginesIn the news: The need to monitor superfine particlesIn the news: The ‘Lucky’ First Five Taxis, not lucky for us
In the news: Turning Hong Kong greenIn the news: Ultrafine particles may cause heart diseaseIn the news: Want to buy an air purifier?
In the news: What are the benefits of banning idling engines?In the news: ‘Celebrating’ Earth Day 2004In the news: ‘Good’ job HKSAR Government
Indoor air pollutantsIndoor air pollution and indoor air pollutants (overview)Interpretation by the Committee on the Rights of the Child
Interpretation of Right to Health from Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsInterpreting the right to life – Supreme Court of BangladeshInterpreting the right to life – Supreme Court of Pakistan
Interview with Professor T.W. Wong on Hong Kong’s air pollution episode of 22/3/10IntroductionLaws relevant to air pollution in Hong Kong
Lead (Pb)Licensing under the Air Pollution Control OrdinanceLinks
Live Twitter feed on air pollution levels in Discovery BayManagement of density and traffic flowMiscellaneous air quality controls
More accurate assessment of loss and monitoring activitiesNewsNews policyaddress
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)Oxidative stressOzone (O3)
Particulate matter (PM)PartnersPoll
Primary and secondary pollutantsPublic’s View on Air Pollution in Hong KongRain and air pollutants
Regulations relevant to air pollution in Hong KongReplacement of public busesRights in Hong Kong
Seasonal influences on air pollutionSmogSmoky vehicles
Source-based calculationSources of Air Pollution in Hong KongStudies on the health effects of pollution in children
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)Summary: A Price Too High: The Health Impacts of Air Pollution in Southern ChinaSummary: Air Pollution: costs and paths to a solution
Summary: Air Quality Objectives Review Public Consultation – SubmissionsSummary: Air pollution and Health Studies in China: A Literature ReviewSummary: Boomtown to gloomtown – The implications of inaction
Summary: Do facemasks and other protection measures work against air pollution?Summary: Hong Kong: Vehicle Related PollutionSummary: Hong Kong’s submission to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – Air Pollution Regulation and the Right to Health
Summary: Owning up to Responsibility for Manufacturing Contributions to the Pearl River Delta’s Poor Air QualitySummary: Relative Significance of Local vs. Regional Sources: Hong Kong’s Air PollutionSummary: Submissions made to the Legislative Council Environmental Affairs Panel – Review of Air Quality Objectives in Hong Kong
Summary: The Air That we BreatheSummary: The Sustainable Development Council Invitation and Response Document: Clean Air-Clear Choices – Will High Air Pollution Alert Days provide an efficient path to health protection?Summary: The impact of air pollution on population health, health care and community costs
The Air Pollution Control OrdinanceThe Air Pollution Control Ordinance and public healthThe Air Pollution Index
The Air Quality ObjectivesThe Air Quality Objectives consultationThe Air Quality Objectives in the Chief Executive’s policy address 2008 – 2009
The Air Quality Objectives in the Chief Executive’s policy address 2009 – 2010The Government departments and bureaux who deal with air pollution in Hong KongThe Government’s proposed emissions control measures
The Pearl River Delta Air Quality Management planThe air pollutantsThe connection between the right to health and air pollution
The duty to enforce the Basic LawThe effect of air pollution on children (overview)The effects of air pollution on children during exercise
The establishment of Air Quality ObjectivesThe history of air pollution laws in Hong KongThe legal definition of air pollution
The proposal on High Air Pollution Alert DaysThe regulation of marine emissionsThe regulation of power emissions
The regulation of roadside emissionsThe requirement to update the Air Quality ObjectivesThe right to health - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
The right to health imposes duty to combat air pollutionThe right to life - International Covenant on Civil and Political RightsThe street canyon effect
Time-based analysisTotal emissions calculationVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
What does air pollution do to us?X temporary page
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