Relative Significance of Local vs. Regional Sources: Hong Kong’s Air Pollution

Hong Kong: Vehicle Related Pollution

Boomtown to gloomtown – The implications of inaction

Air Pollution: costs and paths to a solution

Submissions made to the Legislative Council Environmental Affairs Panel – Review of Air Quality Objectives in Hong Kong

The impact of air pollution on population health, health care and community costs

The Air That we Breathe

The Sustainable Development Council Invitation and Response Document: Clean Air-Clear Choices – Will High Air Pollution Alert Days provide an efficient path to health protection?

Owning up to Responsibility for Manufacturing Contributions to the Pearl River Delta’s Poor Air Quality

A Price Too High: The Health Impacts of Air Pollution in Southern China

Air pollution and Health Studies in China: A Literature Review

Hong Kong’s submission to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – Air Pollution Regulation and the Right to Health

Air Quality Objectives Review Public Consultation – Submissions

The legal definition of air pollution

Government monitoring of air pollution in Hong Kong

 Air pollutant trends in Hong Kong

The Air Pollution Control Ordinance

 Air pollution in Hong Kong (Overview)

The Air Pollution Index

Air pollution and visibility

Cross-border pollution

Total emissions calculation

Source-based calculation

Time-based analysis

Seasonal influences on air pollution

The street canyon effect

Hong Kong law (Introduction)

The history of air pollution laws in Hong Kong

The Air Pollution Control Ordinance and public health

The Air Quality Objectives

The establishment of Air Quality Objectives  

The requirement to update the Air Quality Objectives  

Clean Air Foundation Ltd & Oldham v Government of HKSAR

Licensing under the Air Pollution Control Ordinance  

The Air Quality Objectives consultation

The Government’s proposed emissions control measures  

The Air Quality Objectives in the Chief Executive’s policy address 2008 – 2009

The Air Quality Objectives in the Chief Executive’s policy address 2009 – 2010

Public’s View on Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Air Pollution in Asia

Air pollution and the economy (Overview)

Sources of Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Costs of Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Alternative air pollution management strategies (overview)

Alternate fuel and energy source

Control on power generation

Controls on garages, vehicles and drivers

Management of density and traffic flow

Cross-border management on fuels

Control on marine services, logistics industry and port emissions

More accurate assessment of loss and monitoring activities

Communication with the public and increase awareness

Government bodies involved with the AQOs should act promptly

Air pollution and climate change in Hong Kong (overview)

The right to life - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Interpreting the right to life – Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Interpreting the right to life – Supreme Court of Pakistan

The right to health - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Interpretation of Right to Health from Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Flores v Southern Peru Copper Corporation 414 F3d 233 (2003), United States Court of Appeal

Guerra v Italy (Case 116/1996/735/932), European Court of Human Rights

Sarei v. Rio Tinto PLC., 221 F. Supp. 2d 1116 - Dist. Court, CD California 2002

Article 24, United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child

Interpretation by the Committee on the Rights of the Child

The connection between the right to health and air pollution

Minors Oposa v. Secretary of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, The Supreme Court of the Philippines, July 1993

Rights in Hong Kong

The duty to enforce the Basic Law

The right to health imposes duty to combat air pollution

A judicial review against the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge project because of air pollution?

Oxidative stress

The air pollutants

Health effects of air pollutants

The effect of air pollution on children (overview)

Studies on the health effects of pollution in children

Air pollution and asthma in children

The effects of air pollution on children during exercise

What does air pollution do to us?

Primary and secondary pollutants

Sulphur dioxide (SO2)

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

Particulate matter (PM)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Carbon monoxide (CO)

 Lead (Pb)

Creating air pollution – combustion

Ozone (O3)


Rain and air pollutants

Air pollutants and the World Health Organisation

 Do facemasks and other protection measures work against air pollution?

Air pollution and exercise

Indoor air pollution and indoor air pollutants (overview)

 Indoor air pollutants

Interview with Professor T.W. Wong on Hong Kong’s air pollution episode of 22/3/10

In the news: 71% think AQOs should follow WHO guidelines

In the news: Air pollutants connected to emergency hospital admissions

In the news: Air pollution causes asthma a myth

In the news: Air pollution urgent threat to Hong Kong’s competitiveness

In the news: Asthmatics object to adoption of interim targets

In the news: Bad Air affects Birth Weight

In the news: Better air in summer, smog in winter

In the news: Breathing problems and the API

In the news: Bus route rationing at its limits

In the news: Chief Executive must be living in another city

In the news: Clean Air Foundation takes Government to court

In the news: Cleaner fuel would lead to increase in ferry fares

In the news: Cleanest getting dirtier

In the news: Cost-benefit analysis misleading

In the news: Cross-Harbour tolls too low

In the news: Damages awarded for exhaust in Tokyo

In the news: Eco-trendy or serious?

In the news: Electronic road pricing instead of reclamation to ease congestion

In the news: Environmental protection in Guangdong

In the news: Exposure to smog for just 24 hours could cause premature death

In the news: First environmental group lawsuit in China

In the news: Global recession leads to fall in sulphur dioxide at container port

In the news: Government proposals on air quality to extend life by one month

In the news: Government’s pollution proposals supported by business groups

In the news: Green groups: get rid of old buses and trucks In the news: Hong Kong Carbon Exchange?

In the news: Hong Kong Smog Third Worse Since 1968

In the news: Hong Kong’s own fault?

In the news: Idle on idling engines

In the news: Majority suffering from health problems?

In the news: Marathon runners hospitalized

In the news: More to be done on local PM2.5

In the news: New Buses Better Air

In the news: New government offices impact could be higher than predicted

In the news: Older Vehicles Pay More Licence Fees

In the news: Pollution linked to birth defects

In the news: Record highs for API

In the news: Reducing tax for commercial vehicles

In the news: Roadside pollution 6 times worse in 4 years

In the news: South China air a problem

In the news: Stop causing unnecessary death

In the news: Stop lying?

In the news: Study links stroke and heart attack to diesel pollution

In the news: Superfund for air pollution

In the news: Tamar pollution prediction assumes Central is flat

In the news: Tax Breaks for Green Factories

In the news: The fight on idling engines

In the news: The need to monitor superfine particles

In the news: The ‘Lucky’ First Five Taxis, not lucky for us In the news: Turning Hong Kong green

In the news: Ultrafine particles may cause heart disease In the news: Want to buy an air purifier?

In the news: What are the benefits of banning idling engines?

In the news: ‘Celebrating’ Earth Day 2004

In the news: ‘Good’ job HKSAR Government


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