Summary: Antonio Da Roza, Jessica Hefes

Originally reported: South China Morning Post

Date: 6/2/10

Originally: 24/07/09

The need to monitor superfine particles [1]

In its report, air-quality consultant Ove Arup has called for monitoring of superfine particles PM2.5 at all of the monitoring stations in Hong Kong, based on the least stringent of the WHO’s interim targets. PM2.5 is measured in 5 of the 14 monitoring stations, but unlike PM10, is not reported to the public. Ove Arup blamed regional sources for PM2.5 pollution, but the community medicine department of Chinese University has said that it is inaccurate to blame regional sources due to the ease of their dispersal. They noted that marine transport is also a source of PM2.5.


  1. Report urges wider monitoring of damaging superfine particles, SCMP, 24/07/09