Summary: Antonio Da Roza, Jessica Hefes

Originally reported: South China Morning Post

Date: 6/2/10

Originally: 15/07/09

Roadside pollution 6 times worse in 4 years [1]

Roadside monitoring stations in Central, Causeway Bay and Mongkok registered 1,066 hours (over 44 days) which the air pollution index rose above the ‘very high’ level. A ‘very high’ API level triggers a health warning. Above street level, the number of ‘very high’ levels of air pollution have fallen by half, due to efforts in Guangdong to install sulphur scrubbers in power plants and the closure of factories in the recession. Local scientists called for urgent measures to be taken to address vehicular pollution, but the EPD blamed regional air pollution for deteriorating street-level air quality, saying regionally generated ozone is combining with other pollutants to form nitrogen dioxide. Local scientists point out that without nitrogen oxides from vehicles, ozone would not form nitrogen dioxide.


  1. Roadside air pollution up sixfold in 4 years – HK traffic not Guangdong factories to blame: scientists, SCMP, 15/07/09