Summary: Candy Au

Originally reported: South China Morning Post

Date: 6/2/10

Originally: 28/02/08

Reducing tax for commercial vehicles [1]

The Government will waive or reduce the first-registration tax for commercial vehicles meeting stringent Euro V emission standards in the hope of improving roadside air quality. Tax will be waived for taxis, minibuses and non-franchised buses will enjoy a full tax waiver and reduced by 30 to 50% for commercial vehicles, depending on their weight. The government may lose up to HK$26 million in revenue if 15 per cent of new vehicles are cleaner models. But only two Euro V vehicle models are available and only 5% of the 74,000 eligible vehicles have been replaced.


  1. Incentive Offered On Green Taxis And Buses, SCMP, 28/02/08