Summary: Candy Au

Originally reported: South China Morning Post

Date: 6/2/10

Originally: 27/1/10

Pick the 41 healthy days of air to do sports [1]

According to the World Health Organisation guidelines, there are only 41 days of healthy breathable air in Hong Kong. Figures from the Environmental Protection Department show that there were 44 days of ‘very high pollution’ reported in Central, meaning the city and its surrounding areas experienced life-threatening levels of air pollution one in every eight days last year. In some areas air quality has deteriorated five-fold in just five years, and there are criticisms that official records do not show the whole picture.


Cyclists on the Hong Kong Climate Change Cycle Ride, Central to Causeway Bay (13/9/09) - Alex Hofford (

  1. SCMP, 27/1/10

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