Summary: Antonio Da Roza, Jessica Hefes

Originally reported: South China Morning Post

Date: 6/2/10

Originally: 10/08/09

More to be done on local PM2.5 [1]

Whilst the government’s air-quality consultant, Ove Arup, says that there are more regional rather than local sources for PM2.5 pollution, Clear the Air has suggested the adoption of WHO Interim Targets allows lower levels of the best current technology to be used to meet emission standards. In particular, technology that catches superfine particles is available at the cost of just 17 days’ worth of Hong Kong’s coal supply; licence fees for pre-Euro diesel engines could be increased in favour of Euro V models, which are 4 to 6 times less polluting; and many ocean-going vessels are already equipped with separate tanks to use low-sulphur fuel in emission control zones around the world. Superfine particles are 30 times thinner than human hair, and are unable to be filtered by lung or throat hairs, and are able to enter our lungs unhindered.


  1. Lower emission standards fail to stop most dangerous particles, SCMP, 10/08/09