Summary: Candy Au

Originally reported: SCMP

Date: 6/2/10

Originally: 17/01/08

Hong Kong Smog Third Worse Since 1968 [1]

Guangdong was plagued last year by the worst smog in 59 years, with 27 major cities and counties reporting record numbers of smoggy days, according to the province’s meteorological bureau. In Hong Kong, smog last year was the third-worst since 1968, with the number of hours with reduced visibility reaching 1,298. December was also the worst recorded month of reduced visibility - 305 hours. Green Power chief executive Man Chi-sum worried that Guangdong would not be able to meet 2010 emissions reduction targets agreed with Hong Kong.


  1. Hong Kong Smog Third Worst Since 1968, SCMP, 17/01/08

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