Summary: Antonio Da Roza, Jessica Hefes

Originally reported: South China Morning Post

Date: 6/2/10

Originally: 15/07/09

Green groups: get rid of old buses and trucks [1]

Friends of the Earth and Green Power have said that the voluntary subsidy scheme to get rid of old buses and trucks should be increased, made mandatory and deadlines imposed for replacement of old vehicles. The HK$3.2 billion subsidy scheme set up in 2007 to replace pre-Euro and Euro I diesel vehicles is regarded as a failure, with less than a quarter of owners having applied. Pre-Euro and Euro I buses, that are more than twice as polluting as newer models, will only be completely taken off the roads in 2015. A third of the franchised bus fleet still does not meet Euro IV emission standards. Proposals to raise licence fees for older commercial vehicles have been opposed by truck drivers’ groups.


  1. Clean-air ideas abound but hard choices rare, green groups charge, SCMP, 15/07/09

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