Summary: Antonio Da Roza, Jessica Hefes

Originally reported: South China Morning Post

Date: 6/2/10

Originally: 04/05/09

Asthmatics object to adoption of interim targets [1]

Dr Alfred Tam Yat-cheung, chairman of the Hong Kong Asthma Society has joined the critics of the adoption of the World Health Organisation Interim Targets for PM2.5 and PM10 as they are the key pollutants that affect asthma patients. 10% of children in Hong Kong suffer from asthma, an increase of 4% from 15 years ago. Citing the standards in the EU and Australia, the Society pointed out that if public health is the primary concern, there was no reason not to adopt the WHO Air Quality Guideline.


  1. Asthma Group Condemns Plan To Adopt Lax Pollution Targets, SCMP, 04/05/09