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This wikipedia is about the increasingly serious problem of air pollution in Hong Kong. Included on this wiki are original articles, quotations, summaries of research papers, news articles and even court cases about air pollution in Hong Kong as well as other places around the world. Please refer to the categories or search for the terms you are looking for.

We hope you will find it a useful resource in the fight against air pollution!

For students and teachers, please also refer to categories and discussion for further educational materials.

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Do facemasks and other protection measures work against air pollution?

The Air Pollution Control Ordinance

The effect of air pollution on children (overview)

Costs of Air Pollution in Hong Kong

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13/10/10 Air Pollution in the Chief Executive's Policy Address

8/10/10 Hong Kong's law students talk about air pollution regulation

17/9/10 An article on Hong Kong air pollution and Discovery Bay for Discovery College's Year 8s!

17/9/10 Live Twitter feed on air pollution levels in Discovery Bay


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Air Pollutants and Health Effect

Air Pollution and Climate Change

Child Health

Managing Air Pollution in Hong Kong

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Regulating Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Right to Clean Air

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Village of 7 million - Our future lawyers talk about air pollution regulation02:03

Village of 7 million - Our future lawyers talk about air pollution regulation

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