Author: Tang Ming Chung, Kelvin, LLB IV; HKU

Date: 11/8/10

In order to reduce volatile organic compounds emissions, the Hong Kong government has implemented measures to recover petrol vapour released during petrol unloading and refueling at petrol stations, so the content of VOC emissions has been decreasing from 1998 onwards. (1) From March 2005, the vapour-recovery systems were required to be installed for vehicles refueling at petrol stations. (2) The VOC emissions from printing, paints and consumer products were also reduced from 2007. (2)

The Environmental Protection Department later enacted a set of regulations, effective from 1 April 2007, to impose maximum limits on the volatile organic compound content of paints, printing inks and selected consumers products, and mandate the installation of emission reduction device in certain printing machines. (3)

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