Author: Ip Tsz Yan Natalie, BBA (Law) IV; HKU

Date: 6/8/10


A container ship in Hong Kong (20/7/09) c Alex Hofford (

One solution to the air pollution problem is to ensure marine emissions and port and logistics operations at Kwai Chung are properly controlled to reduced air pollution. [1]

Cleaning up shipping, port and logistics operations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen is particularly important as these ports have greater port export related activity than elsewhere in the world.[1]

Measures can be more focused on districts like Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan and Sham Shui Po, which have experienced the highest growth rates of SO2, ensuring marine emissions and port and logistics operations at Kwai Chung are properly controlled to reduced air pollution. [1]

Shipping industry needs to clean up its fuel usage. Currently, ships use fuel with 4.5% sulphur content or even dirtier. China can declare Hong Kong and PRD waters a special sulphur emission control areas for shipping. [2]

Many international ports are tightening laws regarding sulphur content in fuel to as low as 0.10% in order to protect coastal air quality. [1]

Air travel requires large amounts of high-density fuel of a type that at present only fossil fuels can provide. Recently, the European Union introduced a carbon tax on all flights originating from and arriving in member states, hoping to encourage video-conferencing in place of business travel, as well as some switching to rail and other ground transportation, which is less polluting. [1]

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