Author: Ip Tsz Yan Natalie, BBA (Law) IV; HKU

Date: 7/8/10

Local research in the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, and Macao on air pollution and health is deficient compared to the size of the problem. In the last 25 years, only 37 papers (12 in local journals and 25 in international journals) were published (on air pollution and health). [1]

The Government should disclose more detail and accurate data to alert the community about the depth of the problem that we are currently facing, for example, by releasing full real-time regional air pollution data via the regional monitoring system between Hong Kong and Guangdong instead of an aggregate regional API. [2]

Conservation of energy, reduction of air pollution and the concept of sustainable development should be integrated into the school curriculum to educate the younger generations. [3]

The Government should work directly with Hong Kong-owned manufacturing establishments in China to tackle the air pollution problems, and to raise awareness among members of business associations in both Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region about responsibility to reduce imports of air pollution. [4]

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